“Take the Stings Out of Your Dings” with Asset Protection


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A no-upfront cost system that protects dealers, making it easy to document theft or accident reports. Also allows easy communication with your customers who’ve purchased a vehicle on your lot.

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Complete Awareness of Vehicle Condition

Your client will have complete knowledge of the condition of the vehicle, whether there’s damage or it’s certified damage free.

Protection from Potential Pre-Sale Mishaps

Be protected from any mishaps that may occur on the lot or when a potential buyer is test-driving a vehicle.


The app allows you to easily communicate with customer’s service reminders (such as oil changes) and offers. It also allows them to contact you with similar ease.

Higher Value for Your Vehicle

A Vehicle Condition Report Often Guarantees a Higher Value for Your Vehicle.


If in an accident, determine if filing an insurance claim is worth it.

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Make the Right Decision

Determine if you should call your insurance company or pay out of pocket by assessing damage via your app’s vehicle condition report system and comparing it with your deductible.

Privacy Guaranteed

We will never contact your insurance company or report your incident to CARFAX.

Damage Estimate Written by a Professional

An experienced and professional representative (not your insurance company) will write an estimate of the damages.

Simply Download...That's It

The Ding Stinger Asset Protection System is available for both iPhone and Android devices.


Make a note of “pre-existing conditions” for your new, used-car purchase. Prevents the filing of false claims. A money-saving system that will add to your bottom line.

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Fast & Easy

A fast and easy process, simply send a link to your client and they can take photos and complete the report within minutes.

No False Claims

False claims are prevented by having a visual record of the new, used car upon purchase.

A True Asset

Ensure client trustworthiness and retention by adding a logo to the app. The app also provides access to current vehicle values. All data is saved securely on the backend.

Promote Other Services

Provides a link back to your website so clients can access other services that may interest them.

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