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You need Asset Protection!
We all do!

Documentation is so important for securing valuables and making sure valuables are insured at the correct amount. Creating Condition Reports on your personal items and vehicles will assure that when you send documentation to your insurance provider the correct values and premiums you pay will be correct. Any claims you may need on your valuables will be much easier to navigate with time and date-stamped Condition Reports.

Easy to Complete Condition Reports


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Our System

The software is a Non-Native App. Meaning it is not available from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This system works on any mobile device and any desktop.

You are able to save an icon on your mobile device to have your vehicles and Items in the same place.

You can also just refer back to the email that has the DingStinger APS link. All of your reports and documents will be saved in your secure account and accessed through your log-in.

This system will allow you to share condition reports with:

Any Reason

The better the condition the higher the resale and trade-in value will be

Asset Protection is utilized by multiple industries to keep the value of vehicles as high as possible for as long as possible. Take good care of your vehicle and protect your investment for higher trade-in value and pride of ownership.

Send a completed Condition Report to multiple Auto Dealers to get offers on trade-in value.

Good Idea

It is a good idea to send Condition Reports to your Insurance Provider to assure proper coverage. Very handy to have for your lending institution if you refinance.

What We Do

How Asset Protection Helps You Come Out on Top

Besides regular vehicle condition reports, there are many ways why Asset Protection is an asset.

Protects Bottom Line

Give your clients peace of mind with assistance with vehicle values and access to damage appraisals to help keep their vehicles in the best condition possible.

Stay in Contact

Have the ability to stay in contact with your client base  — sending them reminders of any work for maintenance, as well as damage repairs.


Create Transparency

Accidents happen all the time. Vehicle Condition Reports create a time and date-stamped digital document that protects repairers and clients at the same time.

Car/ Equipment Rentals

Renting a car or any equipment is a good time to create a Condition Report. Make sure you are not blamed for any pre-existing damage.


If you ever park your vehicle long-term for Military Deployments or extended trips create a condition report on your vehicle for peace of mind.


Access to Information

Your clients will have access to current vehicle values and current Vehicle Condition Reports to maintain a higher value for Dealer trade-ins and Private Party Sales.

No Awkward Interactions

No more awkward interactions over questions of damage liabilities when vehicles are dropped off anywhere for ANY reason. Mechanics, parking garages, service departments and many more will benefit!

Claim Considerations

Not sure if you should file an insurance claim on your vehicle insurance? With DingStinger Asset Protection Systems, you now have access to an affordable, easy-to-use online consultation to determine if a claim will A) Raise your vehicle insurance rates B) Is below the amount of your deductible C) It will also determine what portion of your insurance policy the damage qualifies for. For a low-cost fee these questions, and an initial damage estimate, can be provided for your clients.

Car Maintenance

Drop off your vehicle for repairs or maintenance? Create a Condition Report to make a time date stamped record of the vehicle condition at the time of drop off in case there is an incident and your vehicle is damaged. For interior damage use the ADD ITEM section.



Vehicle Condition Reports are stored on our Ultra Super Secure Servers.

*All the marketplace has to do is encourage Vehicle Condition Reports and add to all other advertising. We can offer coupon packs for marketplace members for promotions. 1st VCR is free then $20 after that for each VCR.


When was the last time your car insurance company asked you for pictures of your vehicle?

Insurance Agents Can Utilize this System for:

  • Creating new policies to get a time-date stamped Condition Report to make claims easier for your clients.
  • Getting homeowner’s and commercial business policies up to date for proper coverage. We suggest every six months.

Commercial Policies

Commercial Policies are important also! Business owners can use this simple system to document the inventory of the business including any vehicles that are part of a large fleet or just one company car. This way you are paying the correct amount on premiums and coverage amounts are correct. We recommend a Condition Report every 6 months.

Hi, I’m James! I am an entrepreneur and I am so excited to share my ideas! Here is an important question.  When was the last time your car insurance company asked you for pictures of your vehicle? That’s a problem. More and more insurance claims are being denied because there is no proof of loss date or visual proof of a pre-incident condition. I want everyone to better understand protecting themselves financially when it comes to vehicle ownership. VEHICLE CONDITION REPORTS are key. I have worked hard to create an easy-to-use system that can be accessed from a saved email or from an app on your device.

My staff and I have created an EDUCATIONAL VIDEO LIBRARY with car maintenance tips. I have generated interest through an education program we are implementing for School District 11 in Colorado for young and new drivers and car owners. We are expanding to other High School Districts and providing free copies of our software as a show of support for our community. Your help would contribute to that. We are partnering with Auto Service Providers and getting traction with our in App Marketplace. This has started conversations with many nonprofit organizations to offer our education and software to help educate and guide consumers through this cutting-edge AI software.

My name is James Bishop and I have owned and operated an Auto Repair Facility called The Ding Guy in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 31 years. I process a lot of insurance claims. My crew has grown up in the business or has been trained by me. In 2013 I designed and released The Ding Stinger Estimation Platform, which is being used in 5 countries. I write articles for Industry Magazines like FENDER BENDER MAGAZINE and BODY SHOP BUSINESS NEWS. We identified a massive gap in several industries and, as a result, I developed a software solution. “Asset Protection” is my passion and I’ve bet everything I have on this venture. It is a NEED. I have had my head buried in all of this and now I need help getting to the finish line. I am willing and committed. I want to learn from others. I want to help others.

Founder James Bishop

VCR Founder, James Bishop, Featured in Bodyshop and Fender Bender Magazines

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– Advise on caring and maintaining a higher vehicle value condition
– Access to free car maintenance tips video library
– How to handle being in an accident
– Vehicle Condition Report (1FREE )
– FREE mobile app for tracking Vehicle Condition
– Free repair and maintenance receipt storage with Vehicle Condition Report
– Coupons and offers for car maintenance and repairs.

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